Charles Darwin’s List of the Pros and Cons of Marriage

“The day of days!,” wrote 29-year-vintage Charles Darwin (February 12, 1809–April 19, 1882) in his magazine on November 11, 1838, after his cousin, Emma Wedgwood, generic his marriage proposal. But the mythical naturalist wasn’t always this unmarried-minded approximately the union. Just some months in advance, he had scribbled on the returned of a letter from a pal a cautiously taken into consideration list of professionals (“consistent companion,” “charms of track & woman chit-chat”) and cons (“way restricted,” “no books,” “horrible loss of time”) regarding marriage and its ability impact on his paintings. The list, discovered in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, Volume 2: 1837-1843 (public library) and also to be had online in the amazing Darwin Correspondence Project, become dated April 7, 1838, and bespeaks the undying, and arguably synthetic, cultural anxiety between family and profession, love and work, heart and head.

If not marry Travel. Europe, sure? America????

If I travel it must be exclusively geological United States, Mexico Depend upon health & vigour & how a ways I come to be Zoological

If I dont tour. — Work at transmission of Species — Microscope handiest kinds of existence — Geology. ?.Oldest formations?? Some experiments — physiological statement on lower animals

B Live in London for in which else feasible[6] in small house, near Regents Park –hold horse –take Summer tours Collect specimens a few line of Zoolog: Speculations of Geograph. Variety, & Geological preferred works. — Systematiz. — Study affinities.

If marry — approach constrained, Feel duty to paintings for  徵婚社 cash. London lifestyles, nothing however Society, no united states, no tours, no huge Zoolog. Collect. No books. Cambridge Professorship, both Geolog. Or Zoolog. — follow all above specifications — I couldn’t systematiz zoologically so properly. — But better than hybernating in us of a, & where? Better even than near London country residence. — I couldn’t indolently take u . S . A . Residence & do not anything — Could I live in London like a prisoner? If I have been moderately rich, I could stay in London, with quite massive residence & do as (B), but should I act as a consequence with children & bad? No — Then where stay in usa near London; higher, however extraordinary obstacles to science & poverty. Then Cambridge, better, but fish out of water, now not being Professor & poverty. Then Cambridge Professorship, — & make fine of it, do responsibility as such & work at spare times — My destiny will be Camb. Prof. Or poor man; outskirts of London, a few small Square &c: — & paintings in addition to I can

I even have a lot more pleasure in direct remark, that I could not cross on as Lyell does, correcting & including up new information to antique teach & I do now not see what line can be observed through man tied right down to London. —

In u . S ., test & observations on decrease animals, — extra area —

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